Senin, 29 Agustus 2011

Short story part two

Time passed fast, Elle kept on struggling to forget Albert,the man she ever loved so much. Elle tried to rise in might and dressed her wound. One day in a chamber for royal family.

“ Elle,are you alright?” asked her mother.

“I’m fine,mother” responded Elle.

“Why do you seen so gloomy recently?” asked her mother.

“I want to take a far journey,mother,to the land of sakura. I want to know the world outside and becoming an ordinary people, I want to feel and experience it” replied Elle.

“Err, I think you can have a try,but with one condition,you should have a guard to escort you wherever you go,and wait until you have been graduated from school, and remember only one month”

“Absolutely,mother” replied Elle,glad to hear what her mother say.

“What about father?” asked Elle.

“I will talk to him. I think he will agree with this pln. Your father wants you to be an independent and unspoiled woman”

And few days later Elle got her father permission to do her journey.

Finally the time had come for Elle to begin her.

Journey to the land of Sakura. Two royal guards were given credit to escort the princess. Elle was relly delighted, she had prepared everything. And the day had come she should be apart from her beloved parent.

“Father,mother, I will depart,please pray for me always. I will not leaver for long time. I will be back”

“My dear child,father and mother wish you a strong and independent woman after you come back”

The parent should let their daughter although it was very hard to do.

Elle undercoverd as an ordinary people,wore simple and plain clothes,far from her title as a princess. The ship went to the land of Sakura. There were a lot of people in that big ship. They came from various castes,from common floks up to wealthy nobles. No one recognized Elle as princess because she had undercovered as a common woman. There was a place for music performance and dance floor. At night,stars could be seen beautifully in the sky from the ship. One night, Elle walked around the ship by herself and she heard a very beautiful sound of guitar playing and melodious voice. She searched for the source of the voice. And,she saw a man was sitting on the ship deck,singing and playing guitar. This performance had stunned Elle to get closer.

“Hi, your guitar and voice is really beautiful and lovely” said Elle.

The man was only motionless in silent

“Hello...I’m talking to you,do you hear me?”

“Thank you” said the man in brief.

The next night, Elle meet the man once more.

“Hi, my name is Elle”

“Victorio” replied the man in brief.

“Quite beautiful name” said Elle with her amiable smile.

The introduction got them along with well. Every night,Elle would come to listen to victorio playing guitar ,and then they are singing together.

“Elle,you have a very melodious voice,so beautiful, I’m very glad to hear that”

“Really?” asked Elle

“Yes,you can be a singer” said victorio

“Oh,no. I only love to sing,that’s my hobby” explained Elle

“At least you can entertain yourself with your lovely voice”

“Of course,victorio, I will always do sing, I love singing”

And days had passed. The ship sailed quite far from Vienna. Elle was so happy with her journey,she enjoyed it. Together with victorio,her new friend,she became happier because they could sing together. Until one night,victorio expressed his feeling toward to Elle.

“ Elle,would you be my lover?”

“I’m sorry,Victorio. I can’t. We will be parted”

“Do love will give in due to distance and time,with our parting, don’t you think that love will conquer everything?” said Victorio

“I’m deeply sorry, I can’t, I’m not feeling sure with you, aren’t we just have met? I have not known you yet”

With his heart broke, Victorio left Elle alone on the deck. The wind blown high, as high as Victorio’s heart up roaring.